Global Medical Equipment Rental Market US$ 51 Billion by 2021

Global Medical Equipment Rental Market US$ 51 Billion by 2021

In many situations, renting medical equipment, rather than purchasing it is the best approach being the most financially viable to lower the overall cost of patient rehab and medical expenses. It is also fast, convenient and covered by most insurance plans. The two main types of patient care medical equipment for rental includes durable medical equipment (DME) – iron lungs, oxygen tents, Nebulizers, CPAP, catheters, transfer benches, hospital beds, patient lifts, transfer or stretcher chairs, and wheelchairs and home medical equipment – devices used for patients whose care is being managed from a home or other private facility managed by a nonprofessional caregiver or family member.

According to a market research report Medical Equipment Rental Market 2017-2021, published by iHealthcareAnalyst, Inc., the global medical equipment rental market is estimated to reach US$ 48.5 Billion in 2020, expanding at a CAGR of 5.6% from 2017 to 2021.

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The medical equipment rental market report estimates the market size (Revenue US$ million – 2014 to 2021) for key market segments based on type of equipment (DME – acute, long term and emergency care, digital devices, surgical devices and storage and transport devices) and end users (personal or home care – chronic and geriatric patients, preventive care monitoring, short term or outpatient care; institutional – health care, hospitals, nursing homes, and medical laboratories) and forecasts growth trends (CAGR% – 2017 to 2021). It also provides the detailed market landscape and profiles of major competitors in the global market including company overview, financial snapshot, key products, technologies and services offered, and recent developments. 

  1. Device Type
    • Durable Medical Equipment (DME)
      • Acute Care
      • Long-term Care
      • Emergency and Trauma Care
    • Electronic (Digital) Equipment
    • Personal (Home) Care Equipment
    • Surgical Equipment
    • Storage and Transport
  1. End User
    • Personal (Home) Care Medical Equipment (HME)
      • Chronic and Geriatric Patients
      • Preventive Care Monitoring
      • Short Term and Outpatient Care
    • Institutional Medical Equipment
      • Health Care Centers
      • Hospitals
      • Medical Nursing Homes
      • Medical Research Laboratories (Institutions)
  1. Company Profiles
    • Apria Healthcare Group, Inc.
    • Centric Health Corporation
    • Hill-Rom Holdings, Inc.
    • Nunn’s Home Medical Equipment
    • Siemens Financial Services, Inc.
    • Universal Hospital Services, Inc.
    • US Med-Equip, Inc.
    • Westside Medical Supply
    • Woodley Equipment Company Ltd.

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