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Research Services

Market Research and Consulting Services

Syndicated Research

Our syndicated research reports primarily offer representative overview of the market including industry trends, market landscape, macro-level issues, and competitive intelligence.

Custom Research

Our customized research services provide relevant and actionable intelligence including brand awareness, strength, perceptions, and micro-level competitive intelligence for global clients.

Consulting Services

Our consulting services offer our expertise and experience to deliver intelligent, tailor-made solutions and strategic recommendations for business-building strategies.

To order sections of the reports, or receive a proposal for a custom report or consulting project tailored to your specific business objectives, information needs, time frame and budget, please contact us.

We offer a range of healthcare market research and consulting services

  • Market Analysis: Market Trends, Market Dynamics, Marketing Strategies, Market Segmentation, Market Size Estimation, Industry Bench-marking, Market Attractiveness Analysis, Demand Side and Supply Side Analysis, Market Share vs. Market Growth Matrix, Market Potential and Demand Forecasting
  • Competitive Intelligence: Clinical Trials, Patent Analysis, Pricing Strategies, Product Positioning, Business Performance, Business Opportunities, Regulatory Approvals, Market Entry Strategies, New Product Development, Mergers, Acquisitions and Partnerships
  • Product and Services Analysis: Pricing Analysis, Product Portfolio, Pipeline Analysis, Geographic Reach, Product Life Cycle Solutions, Product Positioning, Customer Preference, Demographic Analysis, Buying Behavior Analysis, Go-to-Market Strategies

Valuation of Pipeline Drug Candidates (including for rare diseases)

  • Epidemiology/Patient-based Sales Forecasting
  • Drug Utilization and Pricing Patterns Analysis
  • Global Market Valuation of Pipeline Drug Candidates
  • Global Market Valuation of Orphan Drug Candidates

Updated Market Data Matrix Available

  • Global Industry Analysis: Market size, market share, market volume, market growth, market trends, and market forecast.
  • Epidemiology data: Historic and forecast data on prevalence and incidence by country, disease, injuries, risk factors, etc.
  • Market value data: Market size (revenue $million, 2017-2025), market forecast (%CAGR, 2019-2025), market share (% share, 2018) by competitors, geography, and other market segments.
  • Market volume data: Market volume by country, therapeutic drug, medical device, hospital equipment, diagnostic tests, and surgeries or procedures (number of units/procedures in millions).
  • Clinical trials data: Clinical trials by phase (I to IV), agency (NIH, industry, others), intervention (drug, device, combination product, diagnostic test, procedure), applicant or sponsor, country, years of start and completion.
  • Premarket notification 510(k) data: US-FDA approved class II medical devices by applicant or company, therapeutic area, submission type, decision code, and year of approval.
  • Premarket approval (PMA) data: US-FDA approved class III medical devices by generic or trade name, applicant or company, therapeutic area, and year of approval.

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