Advanced Trends in Biomedical Device Technologies

Advanced Trends in Biomedical Device Technologies

Six major biomedical device technologies are identified as highly likely to prefigure medical device innovation over the next five years (2015-2020):

Biomedical Device Technologies

  • Decentralized care technologies
  • Demographically oriented technologies
  • Detection, diagnosis, and monitoring technologies
  • Electronics technology
  • Minimally invasive technologies
  • Synthetic organs, tissues, and combination device/biological and device/drug technologies

Whereas, significant innovation and product development is most likely predicted in the following biomedical device technology areas; and specific or advanced biomedical products and systems:

Biomedical Device Technology Areas
Aging-related products
Artificial organs and organ-assistive products
Combination device and drug/biological products
Computerized devices and medical IT systems
Genomic, proteomic, metabolomic, and epigenomic technologies
Home- and self-care products
Imaging devices and systems
Minimally invasive therapeutic products
Patient monitoring systems
Photonic products
Robotic products and systems
Sensor technologies
Wireless products and systems

Advanced Biomedical Products and Systems
Advanced (non-eluting) drug delivery systems
Advanced home sensors
Advanced insulin pumps and delivery systems
Advanced MR imaging systems
Advanced optical imaging systems
Advanced prosthetic limbs
Advanced RFID systems
Advanced stents
Advanced ultrasound imaging systems
Computer-assisted diagnostic systems
Electrostimulation products
Genetic diagnostic products
Glucose monitoring products
Image-guided therapy systems
Integrated electronic patient medical records
Internet-based medical device systems
Joint replacements
Medical sensors
MEMS/MOTES devices
Minimally invasive implants
Minimally invasive radiotherapy systems
Networks and systems of devices
Neurosensory devices
Optical diagnostic products
Optical therapeutic devices
Point-of-care products
Remote patient monitoring systems
Robotic prosthetics
Robotic surgical systems
Smart homes
Tissue engineered products
Virtual reality systems

The technology trends are predicted either directly or by reference to technologies and biomedical device products and systems contained within them are based on the criteria of benefits, associated risk, and its importance.   Each of these technologies indicated a net positive outlook and are more likely to generate significant new medical device products and systems in the next decade or so.

Reference: Herman and Devey, Future trends in medical device technologies: A ten-year forecast.