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Global Urodynamic Devices Market $417 Million by 2031

The global market for urodynamic devices (equipment and disposables) predicted to reach $417 million by 2031, growing at a CAGR of 6.2% over the forecast period, driven by ageing population combined with rapid development of computer-based technologies, and growing demand for video urodynamics.

  • Other factors driving the market growth include increasing incidence of urological dysfunctions and availability of advanced and safe urodynamic products in the marketplace.
Global Urodynamic Products Market

Urodynamics (UDS) involves interactive diagnostic study of lower urinary tract (LUT) function or dysfunction by various methods, such as uroflowmetry, filling cystometry (CMG), pressure-flow studies, and assessment of urethral closure [including urethral pressure profilometry and measurement of the leak-point pressure (LPP)].

  • Standard urodynamic testing is performed in patients with LUT symptoms (LUTS). It involves noninvasive uroflowmetry, followed by invasive cystometry and a pressure-flow study.
    • Urodynamic studies are commonly performed procedure in women over 65 years of age for the evaluation of urinary incontinence and voiding dysfunction.
      • These tests can be combined with simultaneous electromyography and/or imaging.
  • Video urodynamics are the gold standard investigation for patients with lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTSs).
    • The two parameters that are most commonly measured in urodynamic studies are pressure and urinary flow rate.

Urodynamic tests are used to diagnose stress urinary incontinence, urge urinary incontinence, mixed urinary incontinence (stress and urge urinary incontinence).

  • Urodynamic tests range from simple observation to precise measurements using sophisticated instruments.
    • Urodynamic tests include uroflowmetry, postvoid residual measurement, cystometric test, leak point pressure measurement, pressure flow study, electromyography, and video urodynamic tests.
      • Urodynamic equipment is used in small hospitals, private clinics, leading university hospitals and research centers.

The global urodynamic equipment and disposables market report provides market size ($million 2021 to 2031), market share, growth trends and forecast (CAGR%, 2024 to 2031). 

The global market for urodynamic devices (equipment and disposables) segmented by product [urodynamic equipment (uroflowmetry equipment, cystometer, ambulatory urodynamic systems, electromyographs, video urodynamic systems), urodynamic disposables (air-charged catheters, water-filled catheters, infusion, extension & perfusion pump tubing set, transducers set)], by end user (hospitals, urology clinics, others) and geography.

  • Based on the product categories, the urodynamic equipment segment dominated the market compared to the urodynamic disposables segment.
    • The uroflowmetry sub-segment accounted for the largest share of the overall urodynamics equipment market, due to easy availability, higher patient preference and accurate test outcomes.
      • Uroflowmetry, urodynamic study and cystoscopy are important examination tools during both initial evaluation of LUTS and monitoring after medication or surgical procedures. Uroflowmetry is the non-invasive assessment of the free flow of urine voided per unit time.
    • The ambulatory urodynamic systems (AUDS) sub-segment anticipated to grow at the fastest rate during the forecast period, attributed to advanced microprocessor technology used in these devices for delivering accurate results, easy affordability and lightweight design.
      • Ambulatory urodynamics has a portable device continuously monitoring bladder and abdominal pressures via invasive catheters. The AUDS are used for monitoring patients with unexplained lower urinary tract symptoms.
        • It is a second line investigation aiming to reproduce symptoms through normal ambulatory activity in patients for whom standard urodynamic testing has not yielded definitive answers.
  • Among the urodynamic disposables, the air-charged catheters sub-segment led the market and also expected to witness the fastest CAGR in the near future.
    • Air-charged catheters are newly introduced alternatives to traditional water-filled catheters, where it mitigates the risk of movement artifact and air bubble interference, leading to precision pressure readings.

The global market for urodynamic equipment and disposables research report is divided by geography (regional and country based) into North America (U.S., Canada), Europe (U.K., Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Rest of EU), Asia Pacific (Japan, China, India, Rest of APAC), Latin America (Brazil, Mexico, Rest of LA) and Rest of the World.

  • Geographically, the North America region dominated the global urodynamic equipment and disposables market, due to increasing incidence of urological dysfunctions, higher preference and adoption of urodynamic tests and presence of large number of testing centers across the region.
    • However, the Asia Pacific region expected to witness the fastest growth rate during the forecast period, owing to increasing incidence of urinary incontinence, stress incontinence and lower urinary tract symptoms and rising disposable income across the emerging countries.

The global market research report also provides the detailed market landscape, market drivers, restraints, opportunities), market attractiveness analysis and profiles of major competitors in the global market including company overview, financial snapshot, key products, technologies and services offered, and recent developments.

Major competitors operating in the global market for urodynamic products (equipment and disposables) and included in this report are Becton, Dickinson and Company (C. R. Bard, Inc.), Boston Scientific Corporation (American Medical Systems, Inc.,), CooperSurgical, Inc., Creo Medical Ltd. (Albyn Medical S.L.), Dantec Dynamics A/S, HealthTronics, Inc., Laborie Medical Technologies, Inc. (Medical Measurement Systems B.V.), Medica S.p.A., Medtronic plc (Covidien plc), MEDKONSULT Medical Technology s.r.o., Neomedix Systems Pty. Ltd., Verathon, Inc. (Roper Technologies), and Teleflex, Inc.

  • Product
    • Urodynamic Equipment
      • Uroflowmetry Equipment
      • Cystometer
      • Ambulatory Urodynamic Systems (AUDS)
      • Electromyographs
      • Video Urodynamic Systems
    • Urodynamic Disposables
      • Air-charged Catheters
      • Water-filled Catheters
      • Infusion, Extension & Perfusion Pump Tubing Set
      • Transducers Set
  • End User
    • Hospitals
    • Urology Clinics
    • Others (Diagnostic Centers & Research Institutes)
  • Geography
    • North America (U.S., Canada)
    • Europe (U.K., Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Rest of EU)
    • Asia Pacific (Japan, China, India, Rest of APAC)
    • Latin America (Brazil, Mexico, Rest of LA)
    • Rest of the World
  • Company Profiles
    • Becton, Dickinson and Company (C. R. Bard, Inc.)
    • Boston Scientific Corporation (American Medical Systems, Inc.)
    • CooperSurgical, Inc.
    • Creo Medical Ltd. (Albyn Medical S.L.)
    • Dantec Dynamics A/S
    • HealthTronics, Inc.
    • Laborie Medical Technologies, Inc. (Medical Measurement Systems B.V.)
    • Medica S.p.A.
    • Medtronic plc (Covidien plc)
    • MEDKONSULT Medical Technology s.r.o.
    • Neomedix Systems Pty. Ltd.
    • Verathon, Inc. (Roper Technologies)
    • Teleflex, Inc.

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