Global Equine Healthcare Market US$ 21.3 Billion by 2021

Global Equine Healthcare Market US$ 21.3 Billion by 2021

The global equine healthcare market estimated to reach US$ 21.3 Billion by 2021, at a CAGR of -1.8% from 2017 to 2021, mainly due to increasing aging population, declining overall equine population, industry fragmentation, high cost of healthcare, feed, and supplements. However, according to 2015 AHP equine industry survey, the equine industry has found stability and shows positive signs of growth during the forecast period. By geography, in 2016, North America accounted for the highest market share of the global equine healthcare market followed by RoW and Asia Pacific region, and similar market trends are expected during the forecast period 2017-2021.

Equine Healthcare Market

Visit Equine Healthcare Market by Diagnostic Products (Genotyping Analysis, Quality Analyzers/Genotype Analyzers Kits, Genetic Disease Identification Products, Pregnancy and Gestation, UltraSound Devices, Urine Test Kits), Therapeutic Products (Antibacterials, Anti-inflammatory Drugs, Antiprotozoals, Antivirals, Dopamine Agonists, Laxatives, Vaccines), and Supplement Products (Performance Supplements, Electrolyte Supplements, Proteins and Amino Acids Supplements, Vitamin Supplements, Protection Products, Prosthetic products) and Forecast 2017-2021.

The global equine healthcare market report estimates the market size (Revenue US$ million – 2014 to 2021) and composition of this market and forecasts growth trends (CAGR% – 2017 to 2021). The global equine health care market is segmented by diagnostic products (genotyping analysis, quality analyzers/genotype analyzers kits, genetic disease identification products, pregnancy and gestation, ultrasound devices, urine test kits), therapeutic products (antibacterials, anti-inflammatory drugs, antiprotozoals, antivirals, dopamine agonists, laxatives, vaccines), and supplement products (performance supplements, electrolyte supplements, proteins and amino acids supplements, vitamin supplements, protection products, prosthetic products). The global equine healthcare market research report is divided by geography (regional and country based) into North America (U.S., Canada), Latin America (Brazil, Mexico, Rest of LA), Europe (U.K., Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Rest of EU), Asia Pacific (Japan, China, India, Rest of APAC), and Rest of the World. The global equine healthcare market report also provides the detailed market landscape, market drivers, restraints, opportunities), market attractiveness analysis and profiles of major competitors in the global market including company overview, financial snapshot, key products, technologies and services offered, and recent developments.

The global equine healthcare market is segmented as:

  1. Diagnostic Products
    • Genotyping Analysis
      • Quality Analyzers/Genotype Analyzers Kits
      • Genetic Disease Identification Products (Semen Quality Analyzers)
    • Pregnancy and Gestation
      • UltraSound Devices
      • Urine Test Kits
  1. Therapeutic Products
    • Antibacterials
    • Anti-inflammatory Drugs
    • Antiprotozoals
    • Antivirals
    • Dopamine Agonists
    • Laxatives
    • Vaccines
  1. Supplement Products
    • Performance Supplements
      • Electrolyte Supplements
      • Proteins and Amino Acids Supplements
      • Vitamin Supplements
      • Others
    • Protection Products
      • Prosthetic products
  1. Geography (Region, Country)
    • North America (U.S., Canada)
    • Latin America (Brazil, Mexico, Rest of LA)
    • Europe (U.K., Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Rest of EU)
    • Asia Pacific (Japan, China, India, Rest of APAC)
    • Rest of the World
  1. Company Profiles
    • Affymetrix, Inc.
    • Bayer
    • Boerhringer Ingelheim Vetmedica, Inc. (BIVI)
    • Elanco Animal Health
    • Equine Diagnostics
    • Equine Orthotics and Prosthetics
    • Equine Products (UK) Ltd.
    • Merck Animal Health
    • Purina Mills, LLC
    • Signostics Limited
    • Zoetis, Inc.

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